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This Mom's Surprising Views On Co-Parenting Have Everyone Talking

Read on to see why this mother's Facebook post about co-parenting has gone viral.

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With divorce rates at an all time high, it’s not all that surprising when marriages don’t work out these days. However, when there are kids involved, divorce is a much more challenging ordeal. No matter how much you and your former spouse may not get along, keeping things cordial and kind for the child’s sake is extremely important.

While everyone knows who important the child’s wellbeing is, it’s not always easy to stay civil with an ex, especially if a new boyfriend or girlfriend gets in the picture. Now, many of these parents who struggle with co-parenting, their ex/ dating, or a new stepmom/stepdad in the picture are looking to Hayley Booth for advice. Why? She’s got co-parenting down, and she’s happy to reveal her secret.

“Often times I have people ask me how my ex, his wife, my husband and I co-parent so flawlessly.” Hayley wrote on Facebook. She says the answer is a simple one. “We just love our daughter.” she said. “ “Seriously, it's just that simple.”

“We all love her, and nothing will ever change that. No child deserves to be tossed around back and forth, used as a bargaining chip, or to be put in the middle of any adult drama. She didn't choose to be born, and she certainly never chose for her parents to get divorced.” she continued.

Hayley has a good point. No child has any control of their parents’ relationship and what comes of it, so they shouldn’t have to suffer if things don’t work out.

Hayley goes on to explain the important role her daughter’s stepmother plays in her life.

“My daughter calls her bonus mommy 'Mommy'.. and you know what? That's okay, because that's what she is to her, she IS her mommy. She is there for her always, she takes care of her, she plays with her, she teaches her life lessons and how she should behave, she gives her hugs and kisses goodnight, she does everything any mother would do.. But most of all she loves her like she is her own. It takes a very special woman to take a child that they didn't give birth to, under their wing and become their mother.”

Instead of getting jealous, territorial, or angry about the new woman in her daughter’s life, Hayley embraces is, because she knows that added love is nothing but beneficial for her daughter.

“My daughter isn't the only one who loves her bonus mommy, I love her too. She's become one of my best friends and I rely on her for many things. She is one of the strongest people I know, and I am thankful for her everyday.” Hayley admits, stressing that any other type of behavior would be selfish.

“Don't tell me that peaceful coparenting isn't possible, because it is.
I know it is. Because I do it everyday.” she urges.

Hayley paired her powerful words with a photo of herself and her daughter’s “bonus mommy” walking the young girl to school.

What do you think of Hayley’s message about co-parenting?