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Mom Writes An Open Letter To The Stranger Who Interrupted An Argument She Was Having With Her Young Daughter

Mom Writes An Open Letter To The Stranger Who Interrupted An Argument She Was Having With Her Young Daughter

Read on to see why this stranger stepped in when a mom and young daughter were having a disagreement at McDonald's.

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Is there anything more challenging than getting your little ones to use the restroom at the right time? We all know the struggle of piling everyone into the car, getting set out on the freeway, only to hear a tiny voice from the backseat complaining that they have to go to the bathroom, even though you told them countless times to go before you left. Getting children to go potty in a public restroom can be even more of a struggle, as mom Tiffany Miller knows all too well.

Tiffany was at a McDonald’s, urging her 3-year-old daughter to pee before they left, and a stranger overheard their argument.

“You heard me tell her we had a long drive home and she needed to use the potty. You heard her tell me she was scared the toilet would flush while she was sitting on it. I couldn't convince her I would block the sensor and keep that from happening. She promised she could hold it and wouldn't pee in the car.” Tiffany recalled in an open letter she wrote to the stranger on Facebook.

While it can be unnerving to have a stranger listen in on an argument between a parents and a child, Tiffany couldn’t have been more grateful that this woman happened to do so.

“Then, you stepped in. You told her you would give her a bracelet if she would go potty for Mommy. She perked up and agreed.” Tiffany wrote. “I turned to quickly put her on the potty (before she changed her mind). You told her the bracelet would be waiting outside the stall for her. I turned to say thank you, but you were already gone. Outside the stall was a bracelet and a mini Snickers bar.” she continued.

Thanks to the help of a kindhearted stranger, Tiffany was able to get her daughter in and out of the bathroom, and her daughter was as happy as could be with her new gift. Since Tiffany wasn’t able to thank the woman in person or even get her name, she shared the touching story on her Facebook page, and thanked the stranger for helping the road trip go so much more smoothly.

“Her eyes lit up as she put the bracelet on after using the bathroom. We made it home to Wichita safely and she is currently sleeping soundly next to me...still wearing the bracelet.” she wrote.

“Thank you for your kindness! I wish I could have thanked you in person, but maybe you will see this. If not, hopefully it inspires someone else to be kind like you were.”

Tiffany even followed up with an edit, writing that her daughter is still very much in love with the bracelet: “When my daughter woke up this morning, she saw the bracelet and said, "Oh! My bracelet from her! That was so nice of her!! I LOVE IT!!!"”

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