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Who's the cleaner generation? Boomers or Gen Z’ers?

Read on to see what happened when a food server at a restaurant compared the differences between Boomers and Gen Z'ers tables.


There has been an ongoing battle between Boomers and Millennials/Gen Z'ers for sometime now.

The Boomers think that they are lazy and not very motivated. Millenials and Gen Z'ers think that the Boomers are greedy and self centered.

We came across this video today on TikTok and realized that most generations actions speak louder than words.

18-year-old Kaitlyn Brand uploaded her video to TikTok to "settle the score” while working as a restaurant server.

Here’s the 2 tables in the video and you can clearly see that the Boomers (party of 6) failed the "mess test” here!

The Gen Z’ers (party of 5) got an A+ and helped make Kaitlyn’s job much better!

@katebrande“They get paid to do that” VS “we know restaurant life is hard, here, let us help you out”♬ original sound - katebrande

What do you think? Did Kaitlyn get it right with her video?