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Stressed Out Mother-Of-Two Claims That Motherhood Doesn

Stressed Out Mother-Of-Two Claims That Motherhood Doesn't Get Easier

Read on to see why this overwhelmed mom believes that motherhood doesn't get easier with time.

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As rewarding and as beautiful as motherhood can be, there is no denying that it is also seriously tough to be a mom. No matter how much work we put in, some days we will feel as though we’re falling short, and our kids will either throw a tantrum or be unappreciative (or both!).

One of the thoughts the many moms have that can bring comfort is that, eventually, motherhood becomes easier. However, mom of two Toni Hammer believes that it doesn’t. She took to Facebook to explain why.

“Motherhood doesn't get easier,” her lengthy post begins. “I was having such a good day until 3:37pm. That's when my daughter and I had to leave to get her brother from preschool. Before then I had a wonderful morning with her before sending her off to school. Then I did three loads of laundry, organized the bathroom closet, made cloud bread, made a chocolate treat, made a roast for dinner. I couldn't wait for my husband to come home to a clean house, yummy dinner, and happy children. Except that's not what he came home, too. Because ever since my daughter started school she's a back talking, breakdown having, crying from 4-7pm stranger.”

Toni goes on to explain that she’s been told- probably countless times- that the transition to kindergarten is hard on kids, and that she just needs to be patient.

“But I don't have patience. It's gone. It's shot.” she admitted. “So tonight, my husband and kids ate dinner without me while I sat in my bedroom and cried. Because motherhood doesn't get easier. Every time I think I have a handle on it, everything changes and our world is flipped upside down and then I'm feeling overwhelmed and out of my depth all over again.”

Though Toni couldn’t overcome her emotions that night, and struggled with motherhood, she knew she’d have to pick herself up and try again tomorrow.

“Tomorrow I'll try again. I'll work hard to listen to my kids, to meet them where they're at, to be patient and calm.” she said. “I'll try again to keep the house clean, to have a home cooked meal and happy children waiting for my husband at the end of the day.”

Toni knows that this particular day just got the best of her. She knows that tomorrow has the potential to be a better day, and that her role as a mother is truly never ending. Many mothers can probably relate to this feeling. We’re not going to be on our A-game every day, and admitting that motherhood is hard may be the first step to easier day.

Toni perfectly wraps up her post by keeping it simple: “Tonight I'm going to hide and cry.
Because motherhood is hard.”

Can you relate to Toni’s post?