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This Boy's Tragic Mistake Ended Up Saving 6 Lives

Read on to see how a 15-year-old boy's gut wrenching mistake saved the lives of 6 people in need.

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cv  There are few things more powerful or life changing than donating an organ. There are so many people in need who are suffering, and often time, an organ donation is the only thing that can save their life.

Kynse Leigh is a Florida woman who was in desperate need of not one, but two organ donations. After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child, her kidney eventually began to fail, and she was in serious need of a new kidney and a new pancreas to keep her alive. The 31-year-old mother was on the donor list, but was running out of hope. In fact, Kynse spent 100 days on the list waiting for a donor, until a heartbroken mother happened to come across her posting on Facebook.

Kynse shared the amazing moment she discovered she had finally found a donor, but the life changing event did come with a gut wrenching backstory. Kynse’s organs would be coming from 15 year old named Elijah Mayhew. The young boy accidentally shot himself with a handgun, and was pronounced dead at the hospital the next morning.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking,” Kynse said, speaking of the young boy’s unfortunate death. “But his mom thanked me for adding a little bit of joy to the situation. … She can see the joy in people’s lives that he did save.”

Not only did Kynse receive Elijah’s kidney and pancreas, but his lungs, other kidney, and heart were donated as well. His heart went to a 16-year-old girl.

A Gofundme page has been created in Elijah’s honor to help his family. Kynse recently shares posts about Elijah and organ donation to bring awareness.

“Raising funds to help with the cost of losing a beautiful life, too young. While my little brothers life was way too short, it helps the heart to know that he is still helping other's,” the crowdfunding page for Elijah reads. “He would give the shirt off his back and help anyone he possibly could, and we are able to say that he donated 8 organs and saved 6 lives.”

Kynse, who has received national attention for the clever way she got electricity back at her Florida home after the storm, shared her gratitude for Elijah and his mother in a touching Facebook post.

“His mother did not think twice about donating his organs to those in need and I am forever grateful and blessed that in their time of sorrow they thought of how many lives could be saved.” she wrote. The family has a lot of costs including medical bills, funeral costs and and the memorial service to worry about and any and all donations to assist in this would be greatly appreciated. This young man saved my life and 5 others including a 16 year old girl that had been waiting for a heart transplant for many years. Please share this post and help me raise funds for the family.”

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