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Mom Wants Space, But Her Boys Won

Mom Wants Space, But Her Boys Won't Stop Cuddling Her. Then She Realizes Something Amazing

Read on to see how this uncomfortable mom came to terms with sacrificing her personal space and cuddling with her young boys.

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Every mom and dad has a different parenting style. Some are more strict, others are more lenient. Some are more vocal, others are more compassionate. While we usually associate mothers with being cuddly and affectionate with their little ones, everyone needs their space once in awhile.

When it comes to be a parent, personal space can be a foreign concept. Young children require a lot of attention, and even when they can walk on their own, it always seems like they just love to be held.

A mother’s body can start to feel like everything except a human body. It’s a backpack, a mode of transportation, and for breastfeeding moms, it’s every meal, too.

Lauren Cormier was trying to relax and watch a movie when her two young boys ambushed her from both sides for cuddles. At first, Lauren was ready to tell them to find their own spots to sit and back off her for a bit.

“I was sitting on the couch, scrolling through my phone while the kids put on a movie.” she recalled. “Suddenly two boys descended on me. One leaned in from the left. The other jumped on my lap and rested his head on my shoulder to the right. My immediate thought was to say, "Alright guys, this isn't gonna work. I need some space””.

But as any parent knows, those precious moments with our little ones don’t last forever. As children grow older, they have less and less of a desire to cuddle with their parents, much less be around them. That’s why Lauren took a different approach.

“Thankfully before I got the words out, I realized what was happening.” she wrote on her Facebook page. “My boys want to be near me. I don't know how long this will last. I don't know how long until I sit next to them and they tell me, "This won't work. Give me some space."”

Lauren realized how precious this moment truly was, and even though she did want some space and time to herself, she relinquished that need to be close to her boys. It seems like our kids grow up in the blink of an eye, and Lauren knew these kinds of moments would become fewer and farther between. Lauren was grateful that her boys needed her that day, and she couldn’t help but share the moment on Facebook page.

It was clear that many parents who saw her post could relate. The post garnered over 100 likes, and moms and dads flooded the comment section with their own similar experiences.

“I needed this reminder. Sometimes I get so touched out. But I love that they want to be close to me. It's so precious.” one Facebook user wrote.

“I just love it when my baby climbs on my lap ... less often now than it used to be ... but that's because she's taller than me now and doesn't fit quite so easily!” wrote another.

Lauren wrapped up her post about her sons perfectly: “I'm sitting here, very uncomfortably. And I'm soaking in every second of it.”

Can you relate to Lauren’s Facebook post about motherhood?