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Grandmother Is Left Furious After Air Canada Flight Attendant Refuses To Let Her 2-Year-Old Granddaughter Use The Restroom

Grandmother Is Left Furious After Air Canada Flight Attendant Refuses To Let Her 2-Year-Old Granddaughter Use The Restroom

Read on to see what happened to a grandmother and her 2-year-old granddaughter after they were banned from using the business class restroom.

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These days, it feels like if you’ve heard one terrible airline story, you’ve heard them all. From various airlines around the world, horror stories of people being dragged off planes, banned from breastfeeding, and mistreated in unfathomable ways always make their way to our headlines. While a sweet airplane story always does some good, this one will leave you stunned speechless.

Stacey Osmond and her 2-year-old granddaughter Ruby were traveling together on an Air Canada flight from Nova Scotia to Calgary. The 5 hour flight basically went along fine and without incident, that is until Stacey’s granddaughter had to use the bathroom. Stacey claimed that she intentionally picked the seats nearest to the business class bathroom, knowing that the toddler would have to use the facilities during the flight, and she wanted to make things as easy as possible.

Surprisingly, it was the flight attendant that made things as difficult as possible for Stacey and her granddaughter.

"The second or third time I tried to take Ruby to the bathroom, the flight attendant told me, 'I can't have you coming up here anymore,'" Stacey recalled. "I said, 'She's a baby. I was given those seats by a booking agent for that reason, so that she would be close to the bathroom.'" Stacey continued.

After explaining to the flight attendant her reasoning for choosing the seats that she did, and that the toddler needed to use the bathroom fairly frequently, the flight attendant gave her a shocking response: "That doesn't matter, you are not to come up here."

Stacey was furious and concerned for her little one, but the beverage cart was blocking the only other restroom at the back of the plane. Not wanting to cause any problems in front of her young granddaughter, Stacey reluctantly went back to her seat with Ruby in tow.
Eventually, the 2-year-old couldn’t hold it in any longer, and she ended up wetting herself on the flight.

"I was enraged. I sat there, still having to play with Ruby with a smile on my face, while I was just full of anger because of this woman, especially after she peed in her pants.” Stacey said. “I got some napkins off the flight attendant and I put them underneath her so she could sit on them."

Ruby, who has been potty trained for quite some time now, didn’t have another set of clothes to change into, and was forced to sit in her own urine until the flight landed.
To offer their condolences for the incident, Air Canada presented Stacey with 25% off her next flight, a $200 voucher, as well as toys for little Ruby. While Stacey appreciates the gesture, she believes that it does not correct the horrible treatment she and her granddaughter had to endure.

"I would have liked a little common courtesy. You can't just treat the passengers beyond the curtain like they are not worth your time. Air Canada would not be able to operate on business class alone. And I didn't pay $1600 to be treated like garbage." Stacey said.

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