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The Story Behind This Tiny Girl

The Story Behind This Tiny Girl's Burns Will Make You Think Twice About The Type Of Sunscreen You Buy

Read on to hear the frightening story behind this 14-month-old girl's severe facial burns and why this mom is warning others.

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We’re more than a month into summer and the temperatures show no signs of going down. With the sun shining and the heat rising, everyone knows the importance of layering on the sunscreen. When it comes to our little ones, sun protection is of the utmost importance. Typically, we feel like we can buy any type of sunscreen at the store and should feel safe at the beach or park, as long as we’ve applied thoroughly. However, one mom has shared her experience with using aerosol sunscreen on her child. After reading her story, you may want to think twice about what kind of sunblock you purchase.

Rebecca Cannon purchased a spray-on sunscreen for her 14-month-old daughter, Kyla. After reading the back of the bottle, she was confident that the sunscreen would protect her young daughter’s skin from the sun’s harsh rays.

According to the directions on the bottle, the sunscreen was to be sprayed on the hands first, and then applied to the skin. It also said that it was safe for children 6 months and older.

Despite doing everything properly before going outside that day, little Kyla’s face was still burned by the sun...and the photos are very concerning.

Rebecca posted the photos of Kyla’s frightening facial burns as a warning to other parents,urging them to be more careful when purchasing sun protection for their children.

“Kyla is back home after another hospital trip this morning due to extream swelling but she is doing ok and is in good spirits” she wrote in the post. “please watch and be carful when using aerosolized sunscreen ! I have done a lot of research. Since coming home and have found a disturbing amount of cases like ours. I don't know why it's not removed from the shelves !!”

Even though the sunscreen was labeled SPF 50 and Rebecca used it properly, her daughter was still the victim of terrible burns. She also said that the makers of the sunscreen are not doing anything to remedy the situation aside from a refund.

“Pictures from first to last is from yesterday morning to this afternoon please be carful the sunscreen used was banana boat spf 50 broad spectrum kids sunscreen -- have spoken with banana boat and at this point besides a reimbursement for the product not sounding like they are going to do anything” she wrote.

Thankfully, the little girl is healing just fine, but the photos definitely sent a shiver down every parent’s spine. Rebecca’s post was shared more than 800 times, and it garnered lots of comments from concerned parents, helping her choose “healthier” sunscreens and sending their well wishes for her young daughter.

This post is definitely an important one to keep in mind when purchasing sunscreen, especially during the summer.

What do you think about the pictures of Rebecca’s daughter and warning about aerosol sunscreen?