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After Firing The Nanny, They Remember What They Hid In The House. When They Find It, They Realize There

After Firing The Nanny, They Remember What They Hid In The House. When They Find It, They Realize There's More To The Story

When they couldn't ignore the warning signs any longer, the parents decided to let their nanny go. Only later did they realize what they had hidden in their home. When they finally found it, they knew they had to find her immediately.

Photo Copyright © 2017 CEN via The Daily Mail


A mother and father in Turkey have been left heartbroken after they caught their nanny slapping their child across the face on camera.

As The Daily Mail reports, the parents, identified only as SE and MTE in the media, hired 54-year-old nanny Nadia Shapoval to look after their son.

About six months ago, the parents say they noticed bruises all over their son’s body, so they decided to set up hidden cameras in their Istanbul home.

When the couple checked out the footage later, they were horrified to see Shapoval stuff their son into his high chair before slapping him right across the face.

According to The Daily Mail, before the parents even saw the footage of the incident, they fired Shapoval over her volatile behavior in their home.

However, the moment they saw what she had done to their son, SE and MTE filed a police complaint against Shapoval, though they actually had no idea where she was.

Soon, SE managed to track Shapoval down to Marmaris, in south-western Turkey, where he found her walking the streets by herself. Reports say the trip was a 450-mile drive.

After bursting into tears, Shapoval was reportedly taken to Sehit Nedip Eker Police Station, where she refused to speak to authorities.

At this time, police have not revealed what charges have been brought against Shapoval.

The Daily Mail has since shared this shocking story on Facebook, where more than 100 commenters demanded justice for the little boy and his parents.

“If I caught my nanny slapping my kid about the last thing I would do is report her to the police, I would deal with her all by myself,” one commenter wrote.

“That's why I never got people to look after my kids when they were young . I was always there for my kids that's why I had kids for myself not for other people to mind . And when they went to school I was there to drop them off and there to pick them up . . Why have kids if u can't look after them yourselves,” another added.

“Im sorry and i may get slated for this but if you feel you have to put up secret cctv to watch your childs nanny then she shouldn't be looking after them in the first place, if you have even an slight worry you dont leave your child. I would be hiding and the moment she picked him up like that i would of fecking killed her!” another commenter wrote.

Video Credit: NEWS via YouTube.com